Robin Frank, CLTC, has 27 years of experience working in the financial and insurance industry. She is a recognized educator, consultant and advisor, raising awareness on what has become a national crisis for families, Long Term Care.

Robin is driven by a passionate and thoughtful commitment to the professional, financial and physical well being of every client. It was a very personal long term care crisis in her own family that attracted her to the business. She learned first‐hand the importance of addressing the concern before it is too late. Emotional, physical and financial upheaval affects the entire family when someone they love needs extended health care. Her experience impassioned her to raise awareness about the issues & provide appropriate, affordable and effective solutions through a consultative approach to help others avoid similar distress.

With the number of Baby Boomers reaching retirement, LTC has become a necessary part of a comprehensive retirement plan. As an educator and independent broker, she counsels individuals and families as well as associations, trades and employer groups to help as many people as she can.

Robin has worked closely with many top financial and insurance firms advising their high net worth clients on maximizing and preserving their wealth and quality of life incorporating Long Term Care Insurance. Robin coordinates with our network of brokers, insurance advisors, attorneys and CPA’s and benefit professionals on a consistent basis, to allow our clients to achieve a full integration of the core disciplines involved in effective Long Term Care Insurance planning.

Robin is a member of the Worksite Academy, developed to focus on worksite solutions, maximizing the participation of employees and their extended families to help solve several important challenges:

  1. Sustainability of our national programs, such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
  2. Help employers with employee productivity, retention and to keep health insurance costs from increasing.
  3. Robin understands that employees will not seek a solution until they understand the problem, and she brings a campaign that focuses on education versus enrollment allowing employees to fully understand their options and make an informed decision.

Robin is happy to work with groups as small as 3 to hundreds of thousands of employers and employees in various settings throughout the country. LTC insurance is the private industry’s solution to this serious problem that threatens the financial security of Americans.