Life insurance is the only financial asset which is not actively managed.
Insurance portfolios are dynamic. As such, the same level of attention should be given to managing an insurance portfolio as any stock, bond or real estate portfolio. Each policy has issues and concerns related to taxation, ownership, servicing and the financial marketplace. Fluctuating economic conditions such as interest rates and stock market performance impact the life insurance carriers and conversely the performance of individual products and policies.

Why a Life Insurance Review?

Servicing Insurance Portfolios
At SFG we understand that policy management begins with the placement of a policy. To perform efficiently and satisfy the original objective, life insurance coverage must be properly maintained and supervised. Our philosophy is to provide high touch policy service to every client. We produce detailed policy review materials which benchmark your “As Sold” illustration with actual attained values and inforce re-projections. We provide ongoing advice and restructuring recommendations for the life of the contract.

Advanced Life Insurance Portfolio Review for Professional Advisors/Trustees/Non SFG Clients
“It has been estimated that between 70% – 95% of irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT’s) have no servicing agent, 83.5% of professional ILIT trustees have no guidance or procedures for handling trust policies and 71% of nonprofessional
trustees have not reviewed their policies within the last 5 years.” Almost all of this insurance can and should be restructured and improved.

Over 30 years of working with high net worth individuals, families and business owners, SFG has artfully honed the portfolio review process and provides detailed analytics for professional advisors, trustees and non SFG clients. The end result is a clear, objective understanding of the life insurance portfolio reviewed.