The Client Always Comes First

The client’s needs always reign supreme. At SFG we make every decision based upon what is best for our client without regard for what may be best for our company and without an affinity to any financial institution. Independence allows for true client advocacy.

A high touch client experience all of the time

We promote regular and transparent communication all of the time. At SFG we understand the value of relationships and our clients and prospects should feel the value of that relationship with each person they touch. This isn’t just a service business. It is a service culture.

We listen to our clients

More importantly, we hear what are clients say. At SFG we are not peddlers of product. We are creators of solutions. Appropriate, individual, custom tailored solutions designed specifically for every client.

Less is more

Nothing about today’s financial environment is simple and the instruments used to protect, integrate, leverage and transfer wealth are invariably complex. SFG has the unique ability to educate and illustrate the intelligent solutions involved in the wealth transfer process and model them in a easily understood and simplified manner.

We prefer innovation, not invention

At SFG we are aggressively cautious and cautiously aggressive. We work with proven strategies and prefer not to take unnecessary chances.

Cutting edge knowledge

Preservation is about keeping the edge sharp. We strive to be the experts. The principals and multi-disciplined professionals at SFG offer an abundance of intellectual capital rarely surpassed in the industry.