SFG is a boutique insurance advisory firm which has thoughtfully served the high net worth marketplace for over 30 years with uncommon solutions to address the economic aspects of wealth transfer planning, estate planning, financial planning and business succession planning.  As independent insurance advisors, we believe it is our mission to serve as the client’s advocate and buyer to the insurance marketplace.

Our Team

The experts at SFG have a legacy of being thought leaders and providing intellectual capital to the life insurance industry.


The SFG firm mantra is to provide non-biased advice to our clients and their advisors.  SFG has no affinity to any particular insurance company, rather represents the client to the insurance marketplace with the objective of delivering the optimal choice for each unique situation.

Our Process

SFG Underwriting Advocacy is an informal underwriting process which relies on the internal expertise  and vigilant positioning of  each case  specifically tailored to obtain best-in-class results and exceptional cost savings while protecting client confidentiality.

Analytics & Pricing Anomalies

At SFG we deconstruct the most complex products and uncover the inherent value without bias in order to maximize the overall value proposition to our client.


SFG is committed to the ongoing maintenance and review of all our insurance portfolios.  Life insurance requires active management in order to keep up with the ever changing financial landscape.