Long Term Care (LTC) safeguards clients from the consequences of a long term care
event by educating them about the issues surrounding long term care and providing
appropriate, affordable and effective solutions.

In fact, since people are living longer due to improved medical and technological
advances, the risk of needing care, at any age, for an extended period of time has
escalated exponentially. With the number of Baby Boomer’s reaching retirement,
LTC has become a national concern. Many people incorrectly believe that these
costs are covered by traditional health care or Medicare. Protecting families from
the devastating emotional, physical and financial consequences of needing care for
a period of years is our objective at SFG.

LTC insurance is an ideal part of a comprehensive retirement plan. It’s insurance
protection that can be counted on to help provide for long term care needs,
regardless of the ups and downs of the market. A strategic Long Term Care plan
also allows retirement and tax plans to be executed as designed to keep
commitments to lifestyle and legacy for a spouse, children or charity instead of
being reallocated at a very high cost to pay for that care. This helps to maintain
relationships with family members and friends and maintains dignity in personal
caretaking and priceless peace of mind.

At SFG we have in house resources solely dedicated to the practice of Long Term
Care insurance with significant expertise in the array of individual and corporate
product choices and the differences between the various carrier contract definitions
and their associated benefits.

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