Chiefs vs. Indians: Picking Partners Carefully
Certainly, everyone who makes it through your door claims superb technical competence.  We can only differentiate ourselves through an opportunity to demonstrate.

Very quickly, and then repeatedly throughout our relationship, you’ll find us to be a rare firm that can speak your language at your level.  That means we can have meaningful conversations about sound, creative strategies you’ve never before had the luxury of considering.

Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Banks, Money Managers and other Insurance professionals have found value in developing Strategic Partnerships with Schmidt Financial Group (SFG). Our significant experience with the design, construction, explanation and implementation of our Intelligent Solutions has made SFG a quiet leader in this arena. The SFG team offerings go beyond the traditional insurance products and are predicated on knowledge and wisdom acquired developing and servicing unique estate plans for the ultra wealthy for over three decades.

We also assist our client’s and professional advisors with the management, analysis and servicing of large portfolio’s of trust-owned life insurance policies. Our reviews involve both structural, economical and holistic perspectives to make certain the insurance is properly structured and accomplishing the client’s objective in the most efficient manner possible. This is stewardship at its finest.

SFG does participate in revenue sharing arrangements as part of our Strategic Partnership Program but requires your firm to secure the proper life insurance licenses. SFG can guide your organization through the licensing process and provide ongoing continuing education to maintain these requirements.